Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sydney Australia

 Sydney Australia


Although the eight-hour flight may feel lonely, you'll instantly feel welcomed and engaged as soon as you step off the plane. According to Schlichter, the Australians have a great sense of independence, and there are thousands of solo travelers who frequent the great Down Under every year, so no one will blink an eye if you're alone. While you're in the vast and beautiful country of Australia, Singles Travel International recommends you snorkel or scuba the Great Barrier Reef (the largest underwater ecosystem in the world), hike the Blue Mountains in Sydney and visit the stunning Sydney Opera House.

For a great way to meet other travelers, check out one of Gray Line's tours in the Outback. They range from wildlife tours to city tours, so there's something for everyone! recommends staying in one of Australia's plentiful hostels. There are three hostel networks to choose from,  YHA, Nomads and VIP Backpackers, and hostels start at just $9 a night. The great thing about staying in a hostel when you're traveling alone is that you have a greater chance to meet other people (since most rooms hold up to four people), and there are common rooms and dining halls that make it easy to mingle.

Don't let being single stand in the way of you and an amazing vacation. Head out solo and make some incredible memories!


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